Majestic Bay Restaurant

Majestic Bay Restaurant

Situated in one of Singapore's tourist attraction place, Gardens By The Bay. (Therefore named as Majestic Bay I suppose) The place is nicely decorated to resemble a ship deck with modern interiors and painted turquoise blue that represents water. 

Custom service uniform design for Majestic Bay with Chinese elements such as Chinese button knots and mandarin collars.

For the ladies, the modern silhouette of A-line blouse is designed for comfort. For pants, we added interesting slit designs for both sides to help them maneuver with ease on the busy service floor.


More about the restaurant:

5 Straits View
Marina One, The Heart (East Tower)
Singapore 018935

Monday – Sunday:
Lunch Hours: 11.20am–3pm
Dinner Hours: 5.45pm–9pm
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