Collection: APSN Education Services Ltd. - Tanglin School

The products featured on this page are exclusively available for APSN-Tanglin School students.

Pre-order Phase (Nov 2023 - Jan 2024):
During the pre-order phase, please take note that GC Collective is now the designated APSN-Tanglin Vendor from 2023 onwards. All ordered items will be dispatched in early to mid-January 2024. If you placed your order in 2023 or early January, anticipate the arrival of your parcel by mid-January 2024.

Please note that the school has implemented a provision for students who do not have the new uniforms to wear their previous school uniforms until new uniforms has been received.

In case you urgently need items that are marked as out of stock or on pre-order, kindly reach out to us at for the latest updates before confirming your order. Otherwise, all available goods will be shipped within 2-3 working days.

Please be informed that promotional codes do not apply to this particular collection.