About Us

About Us

What we do

Seeing an unmet need in the uniform sector, GC was born to help professionals in the industry look the part. No longer would businesses and professionals have to think about what to wear as well GC designs well-thought-out uniforms that are made to craft an identity unique to them.

How it started

We first started out with our name as GreenChef, only providing chef uniforms to our customers. As our friends and clients grew, we took our feedback seriously, and now we make uniforms designed for sectors such as hospitality, corporate, medical, engineering, and institution. We are now called GC Collective.

Our Values

Our brand carries these core values at every step of our way to provide uniforms that are trustable, well-made, and valuable for all. Our goals are often inspired by the people around us that we care about and love, which makes us where we are today.