Genki Sushi Singapore

Genki Sushi Singapore

Going back to 1968, it was Chef Fumio Saito who is a 24 year-old Japanese Sushi Chef that dreamed of creating a modern sushi restaurant. Without a doubt, Genki Sushi is one of the most modern yet traditional sushi restaurant. With its fully functional Kousoku Express system and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) gives many fans a unique and fast dinning experience. Today, Genki Sushi Singapore remains a popular Japanese food place for many Singaporeans and tourists.


What we have done for them:

Genki Sushi Singapore Shirt

Can't miss out the well-known Genki Sushi's unhappy face and name on their uniform. For prominence, extra large embroidery is done on their aprons.

Funfact from Genki Sushi: The reason why Genki Sushi choose unhappy face as their logo is to visualise a serious, professional and confident face of a Japanese sushi expert chef, with two red dots on his cheeks representing 'Genki' – which means young and positive energy!Genki Sushi Singapore Apron

Genki Sushi currently have 7 outlets in Singapore.

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