Women chef uniform styling tips to look your best

Women chef uniform styling tips to look your best

Have you ever had those days when you have on an outfit that just makes you feel like you can take on anything that comes your way? Every step you take only builds up your confidence because you know you look good.

When you look good, you feel good!

When women are asked why they dress so nicely, many are quick to question whether or not they do it to please others, or even to show off. However, what they fail to recognise is that the majority of women dress up simply as an expression of their creativity and their confidence. This concept should be equally applied to those working in the kitchen too!  Who says that you need to sacrifice looking good just because you’re cooking?

Working in the kitchen while trying to look your best is tough but definitely not impossible. Chef Uniforms for Women are specially designed so that it fits women rather than that typical “One Size Fits All” that are normally made for Men. No more baggy pants that covers most of your shoe and drag all over the kitchen floor, or that dreadful oversized top that ends just above your elbow but flows down all the way to your knees. Who want to look sloppy and hidden while practising their passion? Now, uniforms for women are made to have a higher neckline for more chef-coverage.

Picking out your Chef Jacket

Creativity can be expressed through the various colours ready available for Women who would prefer other striking colours. Darker hues will give your look an instant upgrade and make you look polished by the hiding spills on your jacket (as compared to a White Jacket)! Our Rosemary Chef Jackets comes in 6 colours for you to choose from! These colours vary from Khaki, Green, Navy Blue, Black, Grey or the classic White. 

If the women’s cutting is not for you but you still want something that fits comfortably, don’t worry! There are plenty of unisex chef jackets that will fit on women too. An example is our Tarragon White, Long Sleeve! The side slits, as well as slant short collar gives a flattering yet professional look for both Men and Women.

Looking for something more classic? Why not opt for our Basil Chef Jacket that comes in both White and Black! The contrasting white/black half piping detailing on the front yoke adds a pop of colour.

Picking out your Pants

While picking out your pants, ask yourself which type of pants you work best in. Would you rather wear something tapered, and snug or something of a regular straight cut and airy. People have different preferences when it comes to comfort and it’s important to know yourself best! 

  1. Regular Chef Pants

These pants are typically elastic at the waist, and have drawstrings for tightening to make thing easier! There’s no need for you to carry around that extra weight of a belt in the kitchen. They’re normally made out of a poly-cotton blend, a lightweight material that requires little to no ironing due to it’s wrinkle-free characteristics. This material is perfect for those days when you need to be in the kitchen all day. 

Shop our Chef Pants!

Shop our Chef Pants

2. Chef Trousers

Trousers definitely have a slimmer and more narrow cut as compared to the first! These pants are fastened with the help of button and it comes with belt loops for those who need their pants to fit perfectly with a belt. Some chefs opt for this look when they want to chat with the patrons and do not want to be perceived as sloppy.

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There are absolutely no rules to the style of your chef uniform but there are definitely clothing recommended to keep you safe in the kitchen! So, you do the cooking and leave us to the measuring! ☺️

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