What Defines A Good Chef Jacket?

What Defines A Good Chef Jacket?

What defines a good chef jacket

A chef’s jacket is more than just a uniform, for it serves a specific purpose by helping and protecting the chefs while performing their job. There are a few factors that define a good quality chef jacket, and all of them are equally important to be considered while buying one for yourself. Take a look at some of the most important factors that characterize a good quality and functional chef jacket -

Comfort - The first and one of the most important factors that you need to look into while buying a good quality chef jacket is none other than comfort. As a chef, you are required to spend most of your time in the kitchen, cooking, chopping or preparing for the dishes, in which there is hardly any scope for you to sit and relax. Hence, it is quite necessary for you to choose a chef uniform that is made of breathable material and is loose enough to make your body feel comfortable all day long. At GreenChef, we never fail to take comfort as our utmost priority.

For the ultimate comfort, you also need to go for chef jackets that are made of a material that is not too heavy, in order to save yourself from the unnecessary weight on your body and walk around freely while working. Lastly, when it comes to comfort, you also have an option to choose between short or long sleeves as per your personal choice and comfort levels.

Fabric Quality & Workmanship – Another factor that defines a good quality chef jacket is the durability of the fabric and the workmanship quality with which it has been tailored. For, only when a chef jacket is made of durable and high-quality materials, can it actually withstand the impact of frequent wear and wash. A good quality chef’s jacket will have the ability to survive the daily wear and tear in the kitchen while offering absolute comfort to the person who is wearing it.

12 stitches per inch on chef jacket
Fact: how do you know if a chef jacket is well made? 
The more stitches, the better! Good workmanship will product garments that have more stitches per inch and thus have tighter seams, which increase tear resistance and less likely for the garment to come apart.
*A lower-quality apparel will have less than 9 stitches per inch.

Tear Resistance – Tear resistance is another factor that you need to look for in a good quality chef’s jacket, as this is what makes chef uniforms sustainable and long-lasting. Movements are big in the kitchen. Real big. We all know that tight clothing is not well liked in the kitchen. GreenChef source for high tear resistance materials to ensure that our product will last on you and your crew.

Design – The design factor in a chef’s jacket is more about functionality than just a matter of good looks. Therefore, while looking for a chef’s jacket with a good design, you must always focus on the practical functionality the jacket has to offer for your job in the kitchen. For instance, most chef uniforms come with a double-breasted design, which is specially created to help you protect against burns and scalds; whereas chef jackets with double rows of buttons are designed to simplify the process of reversing the jacket. In this way, the external design of a chef’s jacket serves two purposes, first, by protecting you from burns, and second by helping your reverse the jacket in order to conceal stains.

At GreenChef, we offer a wide range of chef jackets made with the finest quality materials at cost effective prices. The chef jackets you will find at GreenChef perfectly balance style with functionality, and this is what makes our chef jackets one of the most desirable amongst all our competitors. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our collection today to order your favourite chef jacket from the wide range of options we have to offer for you. Shop now and get in touch to know more about our products and services at GreenChef!

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Great explanation about the chef jacket. I was thinking to purchase custom chef uniforms and the provided information is very helpful for me while purchasing thanks.

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