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Perfect Christmas Table Setting

Need to set the perfect table for your Christmas party? You have come to the right post! Table setting and Christmas decoration are as important as your food to wow your guests! You don't really need to spend the dime and make a fancy table, a gorgeous table can be set in minutes. Most of the items are probably available at home. So before you set everything up on the table, what do you need?

Guide in setting your table
1. Utensils, Plates and Glassware
2. Napkins
3. Table Runner
4. Centrepieces (Candles, Fresh Flowers, Christmas Ornaments)
5. Small Christmas Gift (Optional)
*Full guide below in setting your table.

1. Utensils, Charger and Plates, and Glassware

This point is pretty self-explanatory, all the items you need for your table for your guest to have a fabulous meal. Make sure to plan your utensils, chargers and plates, and glassware right according to your menu! Tip: Chargers and plates play an important part on the table. You can either spice it up and tone it down on the table with the plates you are using. Gold and silver utensils are also a good way to spice up your table, especially for the holidays! 
Here is a vast difference in using different chargers and plates:
Lace Charger in Blush + Crown Gold Collection Vintage China + Chateau Flatware + Gold Rimmed Stemware + Antique Crystal Salt Cellars | Casa de Perrin Design PresentationWhite Lace Chargers + White Collection Vintage China + Rose Gold Flatware + Czech Crystal Coupe Trio + Antique Crystal Salt Cellars | Casa de Perrin Design Presentation
See how plates can change the mood of the table?

2. Cloth Napkins

It is a must! We guarantee you that this will come in handy to stand up with your messiest fingers, greasy lips, and stains — every single time! Your guest will not have to find their way (in your house) to disposable serviettes.
We recommend using cloth napkin instead of disposable ones with a few simple reasons: it is less wasteful and they can last you almost forever. Napkin has multiple uses from lining serving baskets to wine bottle wrap. The list is almost endless. To sum up this point for this Christmas post, a napkin is also a GREAT decorative tool for your table!
Here are some ways you can use a napkin for Christmas:
Fold a lovely Christmas Tree or simply a squared one. 
White Cloth Napkin 20x20Minimalist Warehouse Wedding Editorial with a romantic fall vibe | Massachusetts Wedding Inspiration | Gallery | Item 40
Add some greens and a note for your guest | Slot in the course menu for the night
Romantic Homes Magazine December 2015  Issue  Gold Christmas Table Setting blogged on cafenohut
A white cloth napkin is so versatile! You can use it for any occasion as we all know you will never go wrong with pairing white colour. Buy our white cloth napkin here.

3. Table Runner

Table runner comes in all sort of sizes, colours, and fabric. They look great on long rectangular dining tables and changing them out is easy from season to season. Ideally, table runners are placed lengthwise to create a focal point for the table's decoratives. In addition, table runners can be also placed widthwise on long or short tables. You can skip the placemat by placing it widthwise to visually and physically divide the place setting. 

4. Centrepieces: Christmas Decoration

Fresh flowers, candles, Christmas ornaments are gorgeous centrepieces for the table. To give it a blink on the table, add sparkly Christmas lightings! 
Elegant Christmas Tablescape, Easy Christmas Tablescape, How to decorate your table for Christmas, Christmas Table decor

5. Small Christmas Gift (Optional)

Wouldn't it be nice to receive something on Christmas? Even a small gesture of giving is lovely. Spruce up each place setting with a personal small gift. 
MY DREAM WEDDING FOR CHRISTMAS - Table Setting #WeddingStaplesGuest table + place setting from a "Let it Snow" Christmas Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (15)

Final Step: set your table right!

We found some useful guide online.
You can set your table based on your party or event's level of formality:
Image result for table setting guide
Casual - Informal Setting:
Related image
Add-on for formal setting:
Related image

You are all set! Christmas Party Go!

*CREDITS: All images are from Pinterest. Table Setting Table Images from holistic health magazine 
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