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The highest quality uniforms at the most affordable rates.

Leave a lasting impression with GreenChef uniforms.

Range of products for you to choose from.

Yes, we focus on our product's quality and our services. However, we do not just stop there. We consider even to the appearance of your business’ staff. Which is why if you want amazing customer service coupled with great-looking products, there’s no reason not to choose us. We provide front-of-house and back-of-house uniforms, from chef jackets to kitchen shoes.

Chef Hats

Chef Jackets

Chef Pants

Safety Shoes


Service Uniforms

Materials are thoughtfully sourced and tested to provide highest of quality uniforms.

We provide ease of buying with no minimum order quantity for our ready stocks.

Notice the difference from us than others — value for money out of our uniforms.

Extremely Client Oriented

We may not have headquarters in every country, but our services are constantly available to help you with anything at all. Because producing excellent products and services is a passion of ours, reassuring you is our forefront goal.

Experts In The Field

Having more than 3 decades of experience, we understand that companies cannot and should not have to constantly spend money to replace damaged uniforms due to low quality. This is why we have learn and develop how to manufacture the highest quality of uniform in-house with reasonable pricing.

We will be your efficient team player.


Let us know what products you are interested in and get an official quotation from us within one working day. We offer sample request for test wash or reviewing.


We provide cutomise service such as your Hotel or Restaurant's logo embroidery on our products. Digital artwork can be provided from us.


Upon confirmation of quotation and shipment, the ready goods can be delivered to our nearest port in three to five working days.

Sample request must meet our company's criteria to attain it. Estimated lead time does not include administrative hours.

Enquiry — Sample Request

Due to time differences across the globe, please allow us to provide you with a respond within one working day (Singapore, GMT+8).

Thank you for your submission!
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