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  • IDS Aesthetics
    April 3, 2020 Green Chef Singapore

    IDS Aesthetics

    IDS Clinic is an aesthetic clinic offering a comprehensive range of non-surgical skin treatments. GreenChef designed and manufactured a set of custom medical uniforms for IDS Aesthetics with the given brand colours of blue, red and white. Customization uniform: IDS Aesthetics...

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  • Majestic Bay Restaurant
    Maret 27, 2020 Green Chef Singapore

    Majestic Bay Restaurant

    Situated in one of Singapore's tourist attraction place, Gardens By The Bay. (Therefore named as Majestic Bay I suppose) The place is nicely decorated to resemble a ship deck with modern interiors and painted turquoise blue that represents water.  Custom...

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  • Hotel 1929
    Maret 20, 2020 Green Chef Singapore

    Hotel 1929

    The only thing you will think of when you step into Hotel 1929 is their staff friendliness - always greeting and welcoming you with their smile.   18 Hours @ Keong Saik Being part of their team as a chef...

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  • Genki Sushi Singapore
    Maret 20, 2020 Green Chef Singapore

    Genki Sushi Singapore

    Going back to 1968, it was Chef Fumio Saito who is a 24 year-old Japanese Sushi Chef that dreamed of creating a modern sushi restaurant. Without a doubt, Genki Sushi is one of the most modern yet traditional sushi restaurant....

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  • Central Singapore Market
    Januari 15, 2020 Green Chef Singapore

    Central Singapore Market

    Central Singapore Market is a platform to encourage healthy eating habits among residents. By bringing fresh, organic produce to the heartlands, they hope to build a community of like-minded folks who encourage each other to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every year they have various events with different themes. 
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